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From our Lead Pastors:

Juan Carlos & Marlene Casas

When it comes to living victorious; God wants you to be a champion in life.

To be intentional in your relationship with Him and to have a clear understanding that God is for you and not against you.

When it comes to living courageous; God wants you to be bold, relentless and stand in His word and His word alone. 

You can do all things through Christ and Christ alone.

When it comes to living with purpose; God wants you to know that you are His creation and His image and likeness has been embedded in you.

You are marvelous and wonderfully made with destiny and purpose.  

So, just don’t survive in life; thrive.

Victory, success and or the miracle always come after a convicted heart and a mind made up.

You have to believe it first before it could ever happen.

Pastor Juan Carlos Casas

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